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P1010479Here’s the deal with salt.  It is the most important ingredient in your kitchen.

Seriously, it is.  You use it in 99% of the recipes you make.  It adds flavor and brings out depth in a way no spice can.  Its addictive quality is unmatched by anything (except, perhaps some other white powders).

We hear all the time that salt is bad for you.  It raises your blood pressure, gives you heart disease, is in everything we eat and in mass quantities so you can’t avoid it but you must!

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I would also consider my cat my best friend.  But he’s off in Rhode Island, living the life of a luxuriously spoiled stuffed filet of cat.


My ice cream maker definitely helps when I’m here, without a cuddly beast, and in need of constant entertainment.  Also ice cream just tastes damn good, even when its cold out.

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At the tender age of 18, my baking obsession began with the arrival of a cookbook called The Sweet Life: Desserts from Chanterelle.  The recipes come from Kate Zuckerman, who was the head pastry chef at the much beloved and now defunct restaurant, Chanterelle in New York City.  My mother found the book and bought it for herself.  She eventually had to buy a second copy.  I had taken and devoured the first.

Zuckerman taught me about chocolate, butter, eggs, vanilla beans, cardamom and pears.  She has shaped the way I approach food.  I treat the book like a bible, albeit one that is beat up and filled with notes.  But it is my best friend.  I bring it with me whenever I travel.  I’m petrified of one day losing it and forgetting her recipe for pâte sucrée.


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