Break for Cheese


Now, I know a lot of people go to the beach for Spring Break, and that’s great for them.  Really it is.  But I’d much prefer to be at home, lie in a large, comfortable, sluglike outfit for the better part of every day, and eat cheese.  Much more pleasurable than sucking in my stomach for perfect facebook bikini photos.

I eat a decent amount of cheese at school.  I would say when I buy cheese (once every two weeks) I generally buy three types and then spend one week eating it and the next week wishing I’d been more judicious in my cheese binges.  Especially if I had bought something special, like Roquefort or Comté.

But at home, there is no need to be careful with my cheese intake.  It is all “free” (thanks Papa), it is all delicious, it is all “mine”.  Well I mean my dad sometimes eats some, but we all know cheese is my thing.

The cat eats it too.  My father and I frequently blame the beast for finishing off our favorite foods.  Jethro (allegedly) loves sorbet, roasted tomatoes, Brie, and many other refrigerator staples.  Allegedly.


Guilty as charged.

I don’t have a favorite cheese (isn’t it enough that I’ve chosen a favorite food, cheese?) but I do have some I buy on the reg.

The hands down best Rhode Island cheese shop, Farmstead, has a wonderful selection of cheeses from all over the world.  They recently ran into some silly problems with the health department and can’t serve you bites of room temperature cheese anymore.  Which distresses me.  Because cheese should always be eaten at room temperature, especially if its exceptionally fancy.

When I went during my spring break, I found their selection lacking a bit.  Apparently its the slow season.  So there was no Roquefort.  Or Kunik.  But they did have a delicious ripe brie that made my whole car smell like stinky heaven on the drive home.


They also had one of my favorite cheeses, Irish Coolea.  Its this nutty, buttery cheese from Ireland.  Made from only cows milk, it has a certain simplicity, but the gouda aging process really ripens the cheese, giving it an unmistakeable tang along with its creaminess.  Its not the cheapest of cheeses (and seems to have gotten more expensive) but it is one of the best hard cheeses I’ve ever had.

I think hard cheeses are often best on their own or with crackers, especially ones of this quality.  No need to dress it up, just devour it as is.


Sometimes all you need after a hard day of selling tacos (my future summer job) is to cut slice after slice of cheese while you sit next to your cat and reflect on the meaning of life.  Or cheese.

  1. e cascio said:

    I brake for cheese

    • Eliza B said:

      Thank you. He is rather photogenic.

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