Chowhound Burger Truck, Baltimore MD


There are a few reasons I get a burger at the Chowhound Burger Truck from Kooper’s Tavern every Tuesday.

  1. The burgers are always really good and hefty and I like hefty lunches.  Especially after yoga, which is my solitary Tuesday activity besides sometimes going to The Baltimore Free Farm for my class on radicalism in Latin America (makes total sense if you know my professor)
  2. They also taste quite good.  I wouldn’t say they are perfect, but for $8 I get my fix of meat of the week.  Sure, they could be neater, they could be cooked a little less, they could be juicier, but they are still damn tasty burgers for a decent price.
  3. The guy who works the front of the truck always remembers my name and we might flirt just the tiniest bit even though I never have enough cash for a tip which makes me feel terrible because I did work on a food truck at one point and tips are golden.  But so is flirting.  It brightens up the day.

So every Tuesday I get my burger, I go home to my tiny little dark apartment and chow down, preferably while watching my favorite terrible television show, Once Upon a Time.  Its a perfect ritual.

The one pictured here is an Elvis Got the Blues Burger.  Blue cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion.  Lots of beef, lots of heft, and maybe I feel just a bit manlier after I eat it.

The Kooper’s Tavern Chowhound Burger Truck comes to the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus in Baltimore, MD from 11-3 every Tuesday.  Follow their twitter to find out where else they go!

P1010736I’m almost back home for the summer, which means no more burger truck, but plenty of Jethro.  I’m excited.  And definitely more blog posts, since I won’t have hundreds of pages to read and plenty to write every week for school.

  1. so fabulous. Love your posts and look forward to seeing more – and of course – more jethro.
    The blue cheese burger is making me hungry. And I think the guy at the burger stand would rather have the “tiniest bit of flirting” with you than a tip. Besides $8 for a burger at a burger truck? I think the tip is built in.
    Perhaps we need a post on radicalism in South America?????!!!

    • Eliza B said:

      Yes it is my burger splurge of the week. For some reason, all food in Baltimore costs more than it should, so I end up seeing this $8 burger as a bargain compared to well everything else I could buy.

      I just wrote an essay on sexual revolution and liberation can be radical. Perhaps I should put that up and scandalize the family!

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