The Graduate Returns Home

I’ve graduated!  I’m done!  No more classes, no more registering for classes, no more grades, no more papers, no more readings.  No more nothing.  Well besides the real world and a real job eventually.

graduated cat

graduated cat

I start work immediately, but I luckily somehow have three days off my first week.  This means I have three days to sit in the sun (actually will be rain) with a lot of sunscreen and a cat.

And three days to drink sangria (and gin and tonics if I’m in the mood).  Along with my sangria, I’ll probably serve some nice cocktail foods.  I’m a grazer, not a meal eater, so I tend to snack all day on little things.  I’m at home so I’m going to allow myself to splurge on items like burrata and fancy prosciutto.  Because why not?

"Why not indeed?" Darwin asks.

“Why not indeed?” Darwin asks.

My graduation present is a fancy camera.  A nice Canon Rebel.  A refurbished one.  But it has yet to arrive, so all of the goodies I’ve made in the past few days are undocumented.  And eaten up.

For instance, I made a delicious and completely untraditional version of sangria using dry white wine, sake, rosemary infused apple juice, and some lemon grass syrup.  But its all been drunk.  You can find the recipe here.  It really is worth all of the effort.

I made biscotti that were quite good and eaten quite quickly.  Although the recipe could use some tweaking (one of those rare recipes with too much chocolate), the hard cookies were enjoyed by all with their morning coffee.

Deviled eggs were created and destroyed all in the same day.  I had only 3, I can say  proudly, but I think others may have indulged themselves far more.

I’ve also been working, which means I’ve had lots of lovely traditional tacos.  It has made me rather happy.

And yesterday, I played croquet while sipping a gin and tonic.  I was terrible at croquet, but gosh was it fun.

All in all, its been an absolutely perfect start to the summer.  This post may not hold any recipes, but I’m brimming with ideas for baked goods and chilled confections to create and share in the next few months.  There will be cakes and cookies and ice creams galore, with maybe, just maybe, a savory salad recipe thrown in for good (and healthful) measure.

Looking forward to what is to come this summer.

Looking forward to what is to come this summer.

  1. Esther said:

    Thank you for using my picture of Darwin!

    • Eliza B said:

      It was a good one! You see so much belly.

    • Eliza B said:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s such a strange feeling isn’t it?
    And another lovely post. I thought you were going to say that you were terrible at croquet but great at drinking gin and tonic!
    All the best in your new life post university….

    • Eliza B said:

      Thank you Lindy! It is indeed quite strange but I’m also very happy to be done!

      Its quite true, I’m terrible at croquet and an excellent gin and tonic drinker. We also made some wonderful spiked rosemary lemonade for our croquet shenanigans.

      Post graduate life seems to consist of 12 hour work days and not nearly enough time with the cat, but hopefully that will change soon!

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