Rosé and Cats

My father left me alone this weekend.  Again.  Although this time I didn’t get his fancy car, just my lovely little Volkswagon Beetle that makes a plethora of terrifying noises and really doesn’t like chilling in first gear in Newport traffic.

I’m also working both Saturday and Sunday at The Shack, which means the poor kitties will be sad and lonely all day.

This is what happens to the cats when they are alone all day.

This is what happens to the cats when they are alone all day.

There is something truly wonderful about this weekend though (not that I don’t love working) and that is rosé.

Rosé had a bad rap in America for an unwarranted amount of time.  In California, at one point, they created terribly sweet rosé that did not live up to its French counterpart in the least.  Personally, I’m a fan of dry rosé.  Rosé that is so bone dry it leaves your lips smacking for more.  Rosé from Provence seems to work best at that.

Everyone has their favorite rosé.  I admit, mine is not the least expensive of rosés.  And we do not drink it all of the time.  But for a special splurge rosé?  Well its the driest wine I’ve ever tasted.


So if you see this in your local liquor store and feel like having a fancy early evening bottle of rosé (for it is best when it is both warm and still light out), then know it is always a solid choice.  It will greatly improve your evening, even if your evening is already going splendidly.

Commanderie de Peyrassol Rosé

Fluctuates between $19 and $23 depending on the fanciness of your liquor store and the taxes of your state.

  1. Sounds perfect. I like the bit about it’s best when it’s warm and the sun is not quite down yet – the gloaming. And totally agree that rosé is under-rated.

    • Eliza B said:

      I was talking to a bartender at a restaurant here in Newport and apparently rosé has been coming back in a big way recently. They can’t keep it in stock! Which is great because it means more people are starting to catch on to the fact that rosé is awesome.

  2. I too heard that it’s making a comeback. It really is delicious when it isn’t sweet. Thanks for the recommendation. Beautiful pic.

    • Eliza B said:

      Yes it definitely is finally coming back in a big way. The fancy wine shop near us has a whole section dedicated to rosé. We just tried a new one that I absolutely loved from l’Hermitage de Pic Saint Loup. It may be more rare than the Peyrassol, but its worth checking out. Its also better priced.

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