Jethro and the Lobsters

Last night, we dined on lobster.  By we, I mean everyone else but me because I’m not obsessed with lobster nor do I enjoy lobster goo all over my pajamas (I always wear pajamas to dinner).  My cat, the lovely Jethro, got to meet his lobster friends before they were steamed in a wine broth (a nice way to go).

This is the picture story of what happened.


“What are these things?”


“This is a safe distance. I do not trust those claws. They should not trust mine.”


“Ok I guess we can be friends and go play scrabble together.”


“Where are you going?? We’d just signed a cease fire!”


“You’re doing what to them?”




“I’m not speaking to you for at least thirty minutes or until I get hungry again. Excuse me while I nap.”

  1. Amanda said:

    LMAO that’s hilarious. You really eat well!

    • Eliza B said:

      Thanks! We try to. I’m going to miss it when I’m no longer living at home, eating on my fathers budget.

      • Amanda said:

        You’ll be just fine. You’ll get here. I did! You will trust me.

    • Eliza B said:

      Don’t worry. The only thing that can disrupt Jethro’s sleep cycle is obtrusive belly rubbing.

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