I started this blog as a baby 22 year old senior at Johns Hopkins University who somehow managed to get into JHU without understanding the difference between its and it’s.  Now I’m older, wiser, and baking just as much.  I work in New York City, and I enjoy chronicling my cooking projects for all of you.  I perhaps enjoy it more than you enjoy reading it (self deprecating humor ftw).

I am also really into cats.  So there are a lot of cats everywhere.  Cats are super cool.  I used to have one named Jethro, the cat love of my life, who is dearly departed, and pictured below.  Now I have a demon named Persephone who is very definitely the queen of the underworld.

So come back, read my posts, look at photos of cats, and enjoy all the interwebs have to offer.

~Peace and cats~



    • Eliza B said:

      Of course! I’m a huge fan of cheese 🙂

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