Savory Things


I love hummus.  I think its one of those perfect foods that I can just eat and eat and eat because its so versatile and simple and tasty and filled with things that are all good for me (or so I tell myself).

Normally when I make hummus, I use David Lebovitz’ recipe.  I like that its a bit chunky and has a lot of vibrant colors and flavors in it.  But seeing as its spring time, a time for change and renewal, I decided to make a new hummus.

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I love a good grilled cheese.  I mean, I love cheese.  But a good grilled cheese I’ll take every day.  I especially love them with caramelized onions.  Because caramelized onions are in my top ten necessary foods.

I tend to make my grilled cheese with mustardy beer onions when people are coming over and I have planned literally nothing to feed them.  This dish tastes good and fancy and involves things that should always be in your kitchen.  Onions, beer, mustard, cheese, and bread.

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