These brownies have been an obsession of mine for almost two years, although I never knew if I would be able to recreate them.  The obsession started in Paris (where I just returned to when I went on a whirl wind 6 week adventure around the world) with a little Mexican restaurant called Candelaria.  There, I had the most wonderful, fudgy, chocolaty brownies of my life, and they were filled with black beans.

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P1020226The first food I ever really made on my own was a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I was in my early teens, armed with the back of a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips, and definitely used the gas stove to heat the butter so it was warm enough to cream.  No adults helped me and I may even have been alone in the house.  I ate a lot of creamed butter and sugar before I realized it was a necessary component of the chemical makeup of cookie dough.

They were still quite good cookies and everyone ate them. Because chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven will warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

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Now here’s the deal.  I’m Jewish.  I had a bat-mitzvah.  But my mother, the main chef of the family (no offense, Papa B), was raised Italian Catholic.  Technically this means I’m not Jewish as Judaism is passed down through the mother, but I’m reform, and reform Jews are less picky.

Here and there, we’d have some Jew Food for dinner, but I don’t think I really know much about Jewish cuisine.

Oh sure, I know latkes, hamantashen, challah, and of course, rugelach, but I honestly can’t name too many other Jewish foods for you.



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