Monthly Archives: September 2013

Last night, we dined on lobster.  By we, I mean everyone else but me because I’m not obsessed with lobster nor do I enjoy lobster goo all over my pajamas (I always wear pajamas to dinner).  My cat, the lovely Jethro, got to meet his lobster friends before they were steamed in a wine broth (a nice way to go).

This is the picture story of what happened.


“What are these things?”

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So I took the summer off.  To work and relax and drink rosé with my cat.  That does not mean I wasn’t baking!  I was.  Most definitely.  I also got into arguments about the inherent misogynistic message in Grease but thats another story.

What was I baking?  Tarts and cakes and cookies and so much ice cream.  I didn’t have a hungry audience of half-starved college kids to feed, but I did have a bunch of hungry chefs to feed.  And they appreciated my attempts at interesting ice cream flavors far more than my collegiate cohorts.  The favorite flavors so far?  Honey-Thyme (which interestingly everything thought I had named Honey Time to be clever, but I’m not clever), Basil White Chocolate, Absinthe (which we ate early on a Saturday morning before a huge rush of taco lovers), and the pièce de resistance, Ginger White Chocolate.

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